Knifeless Tape

I recently saw a new trick at the SGIA show in New Orleans and had to check it out. In the world of graphic application there are new tools and tricks being created every day. Some ideas are good, while others only work in certain situations. With the technology of graphic films expanding, the technology of installing those films also expands. One of the neatest tools Iíve seen is the Knifeless Tech Systems Ė Finish Line Tape. At SGIA this past year, several installers were demonstrating the use of the Finish Line Tape on vehicle wrap applications.

After seeing several demonstrations I was convinced I needed to try this for myself. It looked too easy, and made too much sense Ö why didnít I think of it? The idea is simple, you have a thin rubber tape with a filament inside that you can separate, and when it is underneath an applied graphic, the filament pulls through and cuts the vinyl. You then pull the remainder of the rubber tape out and re-burnish the edge of the vinyl with a squeegee. The trick is remembering to put this tape down before you start wrapping anywhere you may have to make a cut on the paint or close to the paint. It really saves you from ever having to put a knife blade to car paint. And if you are not too steady with a knife, it allows you to make contour cuts as intricate as you want.

On their website they have a few videos, but while I was testing this new tool out, I went ahead and filmed a couple minutes of the process. Keep in mind this is literally the first time Iíve tried it, and I think it went very easily. I started with cleaning the spoiler, then applied the Finish Line Tape, then applied MACtacís Carbon Fiber Tuning Film, and the final step was just pulling the filament through the vinyl and re-squeegeeing. The hardest part is just getting the filament started, and after a few attempts I realized I needed to leave a longer tail of tape (a couple of inches), which allowed me to use a quick snapping motion to get it started.

As I said to start, there are some good tools out there and this is one of them. I really believe itís a must have in any installerís kit. All too often Iíve looked at vehicles after the wrap is removed and have seen cut marks from inexperienced installers. This knifeless tape will alleviate the issues that novice and even expert installers dread; cutting on paint!

Check out the video below and their website for more info. www.knifelesstechsystems.com.

View the video below.